An Open-source system


  • 72 MHz RV32IM VHDL softcore
  • 4K-ICache, 4K-DCache.
  • DMA capable: UART, SPI, I2C ports.
  • PWM, GPIO with Interrupts.
  • Stock RISC-V foundation C & C++ toolchain
  • Cyclone IV EP4CE10E22C8N FPGA
  • Size: 100 cm x 65 cm, Power consumption: 0.40 Watts
  • Power input: 2.9v - 6v or 3.7v Li-Ion
  • Display: 320x480 LCD w/ Touch
  • Communication: Bluetooth BLE
  • Mem & Storage: 3MB Flash, 32MB SDRAM. MicroSD slot
  • Open-source SCHEME and MicroPython kernels.

Design your own computing engine

Custom RISC-V Cores

  • Specialized compute hardware.
  • Special I/O interfaces.
  • Custom GPIO interfaces.
  • Large number of PWM channels.
  • Realtime specializations.
  • And lots more ...

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